donderdag, september 16, 2004

To Jessie

Jessie posted a comment in the 'Test' post, asking me about the background picture of this blog.
It was easy to do. I'm still very new in all this and don't know much about html, so that should tell you just how easy it is!

For starters, you need a picture. I took this picture myself on a lovely sunny day. Click here to see the actual picture.

Using IPhotoPlus4 (a different kind of Photoshop) I made the picture lighter, because else, you couldn't read the text anymore. I then chose a template in Blogger and took a look at the html code of it, where I could see a URL to the background picture, which I then changed to the URL of my picture (which I uploaded of course). But then I saw that the background kept repeating itself and you could clearly see it, because the top of the picture is a lighter blue than at the bottom. Not knowing how I could make the picture stick to the backgroud so that, when you scroll, only the text would move, I came up with the brilliant idea of flipping the picture upsidedown and adding it under the original picture.
You can see the result of that on here.
Again I uploaded that picture and put it on the correct URL place in the html code for the template, et voila! My background was official!

Hope this was of any help to you, Jessie!